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Mortgage Protection Insurance


What is mortgage protection?

Mortgage insurance or payment protection is basically designed to cover the payments to your mortgage should you no longer be able to pay them yourself. 

Why get mortgage protection insurance?

Many people know that if they have a mortgage they do have to have life insurance. However, a lot of people and maybe even you, may not realise that you do not have to buy your life insurance from your mortgage provider at all.

Usually using an insurance broker means a better and cheaper deal as the High Street prices are much higher.

Mortgage Protection Insurance is suitable for anyone who has a mortgage really and can give you peace of mind.

For example, with Mortgage Protection Insurance you can be certain that if you or your partner dies, there will be a back-up to help pay the bills.   This usually also means taht family members aren’t stuck with having to sell-up and move to survive without you.

You may find cover that will pay off your entire mortgage should you die.