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Types of Life Insurance


What is Life Insurance For offers you news and information about all sorts of life insurance.

Whether you just want to find out the basics or you’re looking at finding the right insurance for your own personal needs, What is Life Insurance For can help!

There are actually a considerable number of life insurance types but as a basic guide you can expect that many insurers will offer these as a starting point:

Critical Illness Insurance

This is life insurance that offers a tax free and lump sum payment should you be diagnosed with some kind of critical illness.

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Level Term Insurance

This is a type of life insurance where premiums are set at an agreed amount over a specific policy term. The premiums do not increase during the duration of the policy.

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Mortgage Protection Insurance

This is life insurance that covers your outstanding mortgage should you die.

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Over 50′s Guaranteed Insurance

This is a specific type of insurance for people aged between 50 and 80 years of age who are UK residents.

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Whole of Life Insurance

This insurance provides cover to you for life if monthly premiums are paid and up-to-date.

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Want to know how much life insurance you may need?

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