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Is your home more important than you?

Zurich Insurance undertook a survey in 2012 that had some interesting results.  Apparently, people in the UK are more likely to insure their homes with buildings and contents insurance than they are their own lives – indicating that as a nation we aren’t always sensible when it comes to what we value most.

While it is almost understandable to consider a tangible object as having a value, we very rarely stop and think about our own lives and how much value we add to our families’ lives.  Whether it’s a salary or childcare it actually all adds up!

If you are one of those people who is always on top of things when it comes to boiler insurance, car insurance, home insurance and mobile phone insurance but you do not have life insurance now could be the time to think again and ask yourself – how much am I worth?

When you die any debts or credit agreements will become your families’ issue.  Whether that’s a partner or a husband or wife or even your children over legal age, the debts don’t just stop when you stop. They keep on going.

This reason alone is a good enough reason to get life insurance as with it, your family can clear any of your liabilities up should you pass away, which means they won’t end up struggling financially.

Life insurance can be bespoke and is based on your personal circumstances, so even if you don’t have a mortgage, you can make arrangements so that should anything happen to you, your family can afford things like inheritance tax too.

Remember, your assets are not necessarily going to be available the moment you pass on.  This takes time and if there is a tax bill to pay, your family will need to pay it.  This is why having life insurance written into trust can be a valuable and sensible choice.

Whatever your age or your circumstances, why not get a quote today for one of life’s most priceless things…you!

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